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  • Air Conditioning


  • Air Conditioning for Your Minnesota Home

    Even though Minnesota is known for its snowy winters, summers would be miserable without the comfort proper air conditioning provides.

    Routine service by licensed HVAC professionals can help keep your air conditioner in top shape. If you do run into problems our expert technicians can investigate the source and perform all the necessary repairs. If you need to replace or upgrade your air conditioner, you can trust AirTech with your installation process. We are eager to make sure every client can enjoy the satisfaction of a comfortable home.


    If you need to replace your air conditioner or decide it is time for an upgrade, you will want licensed professionals to handle your installation process.

    Proper air conditioner installation takes years of training and practice earned through N.A.T.E. certification. In addition to their extensive knowledge, licensed HVAC technicians have a collection of highly specialized tools, and the skills to use them effectively.

    At AirTech, we ensure all our employees are N.A.T.E.-certified licensed technicians who are qualified to install your air conditioner. All AirTech employees are also background checked and drug tested. Customers can feel confident when an AirTech employee walks through their door, they will be working with a true professional.


    Air conditioning is a huge contributing factor to the overall comfort of your home during the summer months. Troubleshooting your HVAC can be overwhelming or even unsafe if attempted on your own.

    If you run into problems with your heating system, an expert HVAC technician at AirTech can help with your repairs. It is our pleasure to make your home comfort our top priority.


    Having your air conditioner serviced regularly is one of the most important ways to make sure it stays energy efficient and properly working.

    If a licensed HVAC technician checks over your unit regularly and thoroughly, he can identify warning signs and problem areas early so that your air conditioner won’t fail you when you need it most. Don’t spend a hot summer day melting while you wait for your air conditioner to be repaired. Be proactive with your inspections!

    AirTech can help you with all your air conditioning needs: installation, repairs, and annual service. Give us a call at 218-297-0130.