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  • A/C Repair


  • Air Conditioning Repairs for Your Minnesota Home

    Air conditioning is a huge contributing factor to the overall comfort of your home during the summer months. Troubleshooting your HVAC can be overwhelming or even unsafe if attempted on your own.

    Some of the most common air conditioning issues stem from lack of regular maintenance. We recommend home owners have their HVAC units serviced at least once per year to prevent these types of problems and the repairs that follow. We also offer a Comfort Club Membership with an annual preventative maintenance plan to ensure your HVAC system remains safe for your home and as energy efficient as possible.

    If you do run into problems with your air conditioning, an expert HVAC technician can help with your repairs. All our employees are N.A.T.E.-certified, licensed HVAC professionals, and they are proud to serve you and your family and make sure you stay comfortable.

    Some of the most common air conditioning problems can also be some of the hardest for homeowners to diagnose, such as thermostat malfunction and refrigerant leaks. If you notice something seems wrong with your air conditioner, it is always best to have a trained professional come take a look.

    We can perform routine service on the following HVAC equipment:

    • Air Conditioners
    • Mini Splits

    If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning, our licensed HVAC technicians at AirTech can help with your repairs. Give us call at 218-297-0130.