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  • Heating Installation


  • Professional Heating Installation for Your Minnesota Home

    In snowy Minnesota, having an adequate heating solution for your home at all times is imperative. If you need to replace your heating system or decide it is time for an upgrade, you will want licensed professionals to handle your installation process.

    Proper heating system installation takes years of training and practice earned through North American Technician Excellence (N.A.T.E.) certification. This process takes several years of study and an area of specialization within the HVAC industry. In addition to their extensive knowledge of heating systems, licensed HVAC technicians have a collection of highly specialized tools, and the skills to use them effectively.

    It might be tempting to treat your heating system installation as a DYI project, but this is a home renovation procedure best left to experts. If your heating system is installed incorrectly by an amateur, you can experience problems with energy efficiency, a shortened HVAC lifespan due to wear and tear, or even risks to your safety.

    Since heating installation requires so much technical knowledge, many HVAC companies require professional installation of their products in order to maintain warranties. Attempting to install a heating system on your own and potentially damaging it in the process can void your warranties altogether. This can raise the price of routine maintenance or repairs in the future that would have otherwise been covered.

    At AirTech, we ensure all our employees are N.A.T.E.-certified, licensed technicians who are qualified to install your heating system. All AirTech employees are also background checked and drug tested. Customers can feel confident when an AirTech employee walks through their door, they will be working with a true professional.

    Our heating system installation services include:

    • Furnaces
    • Boiler
    • Heat Pumps
    • Water Heaters
    • Air Duct Additions
    • Gas Lines

    If you are looking for licensed HVAC professionals to install your heating system, you can trust us to handle all your home comfort needs. Call AirTech, Minnesota’s favorite HVAC company, at 218-297-0130.