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  • Plumbing


  • Plumbing Solutions for Your Brainerd Lakes Home

    Conveniently located in Brainerd, AirTech Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing is proud to offer on-time residential plumbing service to all of Brainerd Lakes and the surrounding area.

    For fast response times, upfront pricing, and a true 100% satisfaction guarantee, contact the licensed and highly trained technicians at AirTech.

    Brainerd Lakes Plumbing Service

    • Drain Cleaning
    • Water Heater Repair and Replacement
    • Leak Detection and Repair
    • Sump Pumps
    • Dishwasher Installation
    • Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement
    • Sink Repair and Replacement
    • Toilet Repair and Replacement
    • Gas Connections
    • Water Line Repair and Replacement
    • Water Treatment Systems
    • Sewer Line and Drain Cleaning
    • 24/7 Emergency Service

    Faucets and Fixtures

    Whether you need a plumbing fixture repaired or installed, our highly trained plumbers can do it all. Choose from the best brands, including Moen, Kohler, Whirlpool, and American Standard. If you are considering a bathroom or kitchen remodel, contact AirTech for a free consultation with a licensed, trained professional.

    Water Heaters

    Water heaters are used every day for baths, showers, and washing dishes and laundry. If you’re experiencing any water heater problems, such as leaks or no hot water, call the experts at AirTech for fast service in the Brainerd Lakes area.

    We can diagnose the problem quickly to get your hot water flowing again. We are familiar with all makes and models, including tankless water heaters. If you are in need of a new water heater, contact us today for a free consultation and upfront pricing.

    Water Filtration and Softening

    Have you ever had your water tested? Before water makes its way into your home, it travels a great distance, picking up minerals and contaminants along the way.

    Hard water causes mineral stains and makes it harder to clean. This will cause you to spend a lot more on shampoos, conditioners, soap, and detergent. A water softening system will remove these excess minerals.

    We offer a wide variety of water softeners and filtration systems. Contact the professional plumbers at AirTech to test your water and recommend the best water treatment system for your Brainerd Lakes home.

    Sump Pumps

    A sump pump is installed in the basement to help prevent flooding and water damage. During heavy rains, the sump pump will collect the flood water and pump it away from the home to a nearby drain.

    Contact the experienced plumbers at AirTech for professional sump pump maintenance, repair, and installation. We will make sure your sump pump can effectively remove water from your home.

    Leak Detection and Sealing

    Plumbing leaks happen all the time, sometimes without the homeowner’s knowledge. According to the EPA, 10% of homes have plumbing leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day.

    If you suspect a plumbing leak in your Brainerd Lakes home, contact the professional plumbers at AirTech to pinpoint the source of the leak, With our non-invasive leak detection techniques, we can find and fix the leak with no disruption to your home or property.

    Drain Cleaning and Sewer Cleaning

    Drain clogs are a fact of life. While it may be possible to clear the drain with a proper plunger or drain snake, sometimes the clog is particularly stubborn.

    If you can’t clear the clog with a plunger or drain snake, do not try to use any other cleaning methods like chemical drain cleaners. These can be harmful to people and plumbing systems. Contact AirTech for professional drain cleaning solutions, such as hydro-jetting, camera inspections, and motorized drain snakes.

    If you re experiencing multiple clogs at one time, the clog may be located in the mainline. This will affect all of the drains and fixtures above the blockage. In this case, we will snake a miniature camera through your drain line to locate the cause of the blockage. Contact our professional plumbers right away if you suspect a problem with your sewer line. A sewer clog or broken line can cause serious damage to your home.

    24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

    At AirTech Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, we know that plumbing problems can occur at any time, day or night. That’s why we are available 24/7 for emergency plumbing services.

    Just call us at (218) 297-0130 when you need emergency plumbing service in the Brainerd Lakes area. Online service forms are monitored during normal business hours.

    Why Choose AirTech?

    Trusted Technicians – Our technicians are licensed, bonded, insured, highly trained, background checked and drug tested. We show up on time and fix it right the first time.

    Upfront Pricing – We provide upfront pricing for all our services so you know exactly what it will cost. No surprises or hidden fees.

    Same-Day Service – The HVAC and plumbing experts at AirTech are available for same-day service in the Brainerd Lakes area.

    24/7 Service – Got an emergency? We’re available 24/7 with no extra charges for after-hours service!

    Free Estimates On New Equipment – We offer free estimates on new equipment for our Brainerd Lakes neighbors.

    Clean and Professional Service – Our team of uniformed, trained professionals will always leave your home cleaner than when they found it. That’s a promise.

    Comfort Club – Save more and gain peace of mind. Sign up for the AirTech Elite Club to receive priority service, annual inspections, and exclusive discounts.

    Financing Available – Ask us about our affordable financing options.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you aren’t completely satisfied with our service, we will return for a free follow-up visit. If you still aren’t satisfied, we will refund all of your money.

    When you call AirTech for plumbing maintenance, repair, or replacement, we will show up in a fully stocked vehicle for fast repairs. Not only will we fix the problem right the first time, we’ll also provide you with advice for preventing future clogs, leaks, and other issues.

    For fast and effective plumbing service in the Brainerd Lakes area, contact AirTech Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. We will fix your plumbing problem to your satisfaction — or your money back. Give us a call at (218) 297-0130.